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It is estimated that over 12 million Americans live alone in our communities. The majority of those individuals are women or about 8.5 million. Due to the shortage of affordable senior housing and the rising costs for housing many individuals choose to “age in place” and remain in their homes.

The hard part of living alone for seniors is the increased isolation they experience. As a senior looses the ability to drive this only intensifies their isolation. This is where community programs become so important. Did you know that a senior can go to their local senior center and receive a free or low cost meal during the day? Transportation is often provided through senior transport systems administered in the county where they live.

But the biggest worry for family members is the long hours their loved one is alone at home. Philips Lifeline Medical Alert Solutions offers a range of choices to help seniors maintain their independence and give family members peace of mind. Home Safe Auto Alert is the new standard in alert buttons. It is the most widely used proven fall detection system in the U.S. with over 300,000 individuals now having an added layer of protection. There are no buttons to push. The system automatically detects a fall and calls for help in an emergency.

Consider giving your loved one a gift of connection. Connection with their outside community. Connection to others in an emergency. And a direct connection to you. Family Caregivers Network is a local provider of Philips Lifeline Systems. For more info visit our web page on Medical Alert Systems.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your loved ones. And stay safe!

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