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Roles Change 1Roles change but the love for our family doesn’t. It only grows deeper with each Generation. Our aging parents were there for us as we grew and learned be responsible adults. They supported us in our education, our careers, and with raising our children. Now as our parents age and need more and more support from us we begin to see the roles change. It is hard to accept that our aging parents are failing in their activities of daily living and need more and more of our help to remain safe at home. But it is what they did for us when we were growing up. It is what families to for each other. Telling your parents that they need to allow you to do things for them is never easy. One of hardest is having the “driving” talk. In the eyes of our aging loved ones the loss of driving is a loss of independence and push back is hard. The emotional toll on families causes frustration, fatigue, inability to focus at work, and constant worry and guilt. Helping your aging loved one can be one of the most emotionally challenges for families. Yet it is also one of the most rewarding. Remember they were there for you when you needed it. Now the roles changed, and they need you.

If you are finding yourself overwhelmed with the changing roles and making decisions regarding your aging loved ones welfare, we can help. No one can replace you but we are the experts in aging. With over 35 years experience in Geriatrics we guide families in the right direction and help you make the most difficult of decisions. Call 215-541-9030 or email Family Caregivers today before Caregiver burnout strikes you.  Our care managers work alongside family members to support you in your journey and provide the specialized care that your loved one needs.  Go to our page on Care Management for more information on Life Care Management.

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