types of support services for seniors and dementia patients living at home in southeastern pa

All of our staff are fully trained, bonded and insured before entering your home. Our Direct Care staff are comprised of Registered Nurse Care Managers, Personal Care Aides and Live-In Caregivers. Each are an integral part of the Family Caregivers Team, ensuring ones safety and quality of care.

Registered Nurse Care Managers

Our Registered Nurse Care Managers visit you at time of admission to evaluate ones’ physical, mental, and social needs. They develop an individualized care plan for each client and oversee the care in the homes by making phone calls and home visits. The nurse will modify your care plan when necessary, and coordinate the updates changes with your caregiver and the scheduling office. The Nurse Care Managers will also educate families on the aging process and provide additional resources for your illness and needs.
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Personal Care Aides

Our Personal Care Aides provide assistance with activities of daily living so you can remain comfortably at home. Through social interaction, our caregivers help you to maintain healthy living. Our Caregivers are trained non-professionals who provide direct care in the home. They are all trained through our competency training program and certified to provide care. All staff are bonded and insured through Family Caregivers Network. Care is provided through intermittent visits from a few hours a day to 24 hours a day as well as Live-in Care.

Our Live-In Caregivers are personal care aides who stay in the client’s home 24 hours a day. A live-in caregiver works 16 hours a day with a client, 8 hours is off-duty time for sleeping at the client’s home. Any interruption of sleep to care for a client constitutes as on-duty time. They provide the same tasks in
the home as our daily Direct Care workers and their purpose is to ensure the safety of the client 24 hours a day. They are the eyes and ears for families when you cannot be there. When someone cannot be left alone in the home and families cannot be there, this is a good choice of service for families.