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Don’t let anyone silence your voice with aging, Age Out Loud.

For those aging loved ones who cannot speak loud be the voice for them. In 1965 the Older Americans Act was put into law so that there would be quality standards in place for providing comprehensive services as we age. The Older Americans Act was to ensure equal opportunities for those age 60 and older for fair and adequate income during retirement, good physical and mental health services without regard to financial ability to pay, suitable affordable housing, restorative long-term care, adequate nutrition, and support for home and community-based services.

The Administration on Aging was developed to oversee and carry out the provisions of the act, such as funding and development of programs, etc. State agencies on aging were formed to provide resources for older Americans. The federal government provided funding for many of the programs offered at the state level. But there are those in government who are trying to remove programs for seniors. Budgetary cuts proposed by our current administration will have a negative impact on Older Americans. Access to services and care will be harder and harder. The threat of the federal government to make cuts to our Meals on Wheels program is a direct hit to the Older Americans Act, which is to ensure adequate nutrition for all Older Americans.

So this year’s theme is very appropriate, Age Out Loud. Use your voice. Tell state and federal legislatures why it is important to keep programs like Meals on Wheels and Community-Based Services for seniors. It is ethically and morally right to ensure the best quality of life as we age. Access to programs and services as individuals age is law. Our lives begin to end when we are silenced. Don’t let that happen. Age Out Loud.

For more information on how to access programs and services for aging loved ones call Family Caregivers Network at 215-541-9030.