There are many different forms of Dementia, and the word “dementia” is the umbrella term used for all of these diseases.

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There are many different forms of Dementia, and the word “dementia” is
the umbrella term used for all of these diseases. Dementia changes almost everything about the way a person perceives the world around them. Learning to better care for an individual with Dementia will lead to a better quality of life for everyone.

All of our employees are trained in the field of Dementia. However some of our staff received additional training to become certified Dementia/Alzheimer’s specialists through the Alzheimer’s Association and work with our Memory Matters Program.

Memory Matters dementia / Alzheimer's disease activities program

What is Memory Matters?

Memory Matters is a specialized at-home activities program, open to anyone diagnosed with the disease. It is specifically designed to better manage behaviors for individuals with Dementia, and decrease caregiver stress and burnout, resulting in a better quality of life for the client and their loved ones.

The program is delivered by our certified Dementia / Alzheimer’s Specialists who are trained and certified by the Alzheimer’s Association. They work one-on-one in your home (in Southeastern, Pa. please see our service area here) with the client. The activities are selected based on a person’s level of Dementia, their hobbies, likes, dislikes, past and present memories.

Our Registered Nurse and Activities Coordinator work together to monitor the effectiveness of each person’s activities within their care plan.

Memory Matters Program Goals:

  • To improve memory function.
  • To improve mood and decrease negative behaviors.
  • To engage in social activities inside and outside of the home.
  • To increase independence and control.
  • To engage in moving, walking, simple exercise and games.
  • To engage in activities that slow the progression of the disease.

To learn more about our Alzheimer’s / Dementia Program, give us a call and speak with Gerry Fioriglio, RN, our certified Dementia Practitioner, owner and founder of Family Caregivers Network.

We offer services in Berks County, Bucks County, Chester County, Lehigh County, Montgomery County, and Northhampton County PA.

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