Knowledge is powerful and education plays a crucial role in caregiving.

The goal of our blog is to continue to support others through the challenges of caregiving with valuable information on the aging process and on being a caregiver. Education gives family caregivers the knowledge and skills needed to provide quality care.

As you navigate the complex challenges of caregiving and questions arise, come check out our articles for helpful information!

The Virtual Dementia Tour

Walk in someone else’s shoes and join us for this eye opening event where you will experience firsthand the overwhelming effects of aging when combined with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

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Fall Prevention

September is… Fall Prevention Awareness Month! Falls are NOT a normal part of aging, however, it is very common for older individuals

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Remember to Hydrate! August News! On August 3rd we celebrate National Watermelon Day! Stay Hydrated, Eat More Watermelon! In August we take a look

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