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Falls are not part of the normal aging process.

When falls occur our first response is “how did that just happen?” You look around to see if anyone saw you fall then you check to make sure you’re okay and get up. Trust me I know. I have fallen more than once. What is most important is to investigate why you fell. Were you just not paying attention? Is there something medically affecting your balance? It is always best to let your doctor know of falls you may be having so he can do a full work-up and feedback on how to prevent future falls.

By watching this video you will learn about 4 different exercise programs in our communities that teach us how to prevent falls.

The power is in your hands. For more information on Fall Prevention contact us at Family Caregivers Network, 215-541-9030. We will direct you to the right exercise program near you.

Our Philips Lifeline Medic Alert systems provide you with the peace of mind in the event of an emergency. Help is just minutes away. You can also find information on Fall Prevention on the National Council for Aging website.