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Take comfort in knowing we can call for help if you fall, even if you can’t

A simple fall can have devastating consequences for the elderly. We respond to the need for access to help in case of a fall with the Philips Lifeline with AutoAlert* option. AutoAlert offers all the benefits of our Standard Lifeline Medical Alert Service—push the medical alert button for help at any time—plus an added layer of protection. Lifeline with AutoAlert is the first pendant-style help button that can automatically place a call for help if it detects a fall and you’re unable to push the button yourself.

  • Philips Lifeline with AutoAlert is the most widely adopted fall detection technology in the U.S. market today.
  • The AutoAlert help button detects greater than 95% of falls.¹
  • Since 2010, over 160,000 people have subscribed to Lifeline with AutoAlert.

Other AutoAlert help button features include:

  • Waterproof: wear it in the bath or shower where falls often occur.
  • Charged: it never needs to be charged, giving you power when you need it most.
  • Easily accessible: since you can wear your Help Button 24/7, unlike a cell phone, it should always be easily within reach.
  • Thoughtfully designed: the smooth design of our buttons makes for comfortable, unobtrusive wear.
  • Convenient: neck cords are designed to break away in the event of an emergency and are easily replaced if your cord becomes soiled.

All the benefits of our standard medical alert service plus the first medical alert pendant that can call for help if it detects a fall.

Take action and call Family Caregivers Network 215-541-9030 today to learn more or to sign up you loved one for the Auto Alert Button.

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