• There are over 1 Million Americans who have Parkinson’s disease.

  • The disease strikes men more often than women, with the average age of 60 when first diagnosed.

  • Over time individuals lose their functional abilities due to the progression of the disease.

  • Parkinson’s affects the way a person moves.

Without a plan designed for each individual with Parkinson’s disease one’s functional ability will decline faster. This leads to dependence on others for basic activities of daily living (ADL’s).

The Family Caregivers Network Parkinson’s Program is focused on improving mobility and safety, reducing falls, and re-hospitalizations. Goals are achieved through specifically designed Strength and Balance exercises for each individual client.

Since an individual can live 20-30 years with Parkinson’s disease it can take a financial toll on families. Our Expert Geriatric Care Managers sitwith patients and families throughout the disease process to assist withfinancial planning and helping to locate financial resources available for one’s care.

Meet Lou, our first Parkinsons Program client. Lou took charge of his program. He loves his caregivers, and he loves doing his exercises.

patient & nurse doing exercises
patient & nurse doing exercises
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