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To begin, our Community Educational Outreach program offers free local seminars and info sessions on the topics of aging. Additionally, we also offer free weekly blood pressure screenings at The Open Link Center and The Upper Perk YMCA.

Firstly, our community education programs help individuals understand the aging process and caregiving. Secondly, you can make requests for us to offer certain topics. For example, speaking at your local church, senior centers, or other local businesses interested in educating their employees. So, if you have a topic request for your organization please contact us.
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  • 5 Week Dementia / Alzheimer’s series
  • Second Wind Dreams Virtual Dementia Tour
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Fall Prevention
  • Safety at Home
  • Chronic Disease Management; Diabetes, Nutrition, Heart Disease
  • Matter of Balance
  • Medication Management and Reducing Hospitalizations

So, call us to schedule an event at your organization!

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