larger safety belt

Transfer Safety Belts

The use of the right caregiving equipment can make the difference in the safe care of a loved one.

Don’t Injure Your Back when your transfer a loved one.

Transferring an immobile patient in the home can cause increase strain on a family member’s back. Our Ergonomic Safety Belts by Prism Medical are used when transferring loved ones. With four large handles and an adjustable buckle to employ the proper fit, these transfer gait belts are an ideal solution for a safe transfer of your loved one.

larger safety belt safety belts

There are many other products a caregiver can use to assist with transfers from bed to chair, bed mobility to roll from side to side or to pull up in bed, and transfers in and out of a car.  All of these tasks puts the family caregiver at risk for injury.  But with a few simple instructions and use of the right equipment you can reduce your risk of injuries to you or your loved one.

Safety is the # 1 priority.

Call our office 215-541-9030 for more info on any safety product or stop in our office for hands on instructions in our caregiving lab.

Turning Aids help caregivers safely move a loved one in bed.

Turn2® Turning Aid™ is a patient positioning aid helps reduce the risk of injury to both patients and caregivers when moving and turning in bed.  By using 4 easy steps a caregiver can easily turn and reposition a loved one in bed.  It makes changing bed linens easier and protects a caregivers back muscles.