How to Finance Home Care for Seniors

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In-Home Care Services

Paying for In-home care services is one of the most challenging issues for older individuals because most elders and families must pay privately for the services. This is the tough reality for many working and middle-class families, yet home care services may be the only way to keep an elder home and out of facility care. Since home care can become a large expense, it is a key issue to consider in doing long-term care planning.

Family Caregivers offer many choices

It can be a difficult task trying to figure out how to develop a long term plan. There are many choices for individuals and Family Caregivers Network can assist you in understanding what those choices are.

There are 2 questions most families ask when deciding on their long term care plans.

  1. Does Medicare pay for supportive long term care in the home?
  2. How do I get my In-Home Care paid for?

The answer to question (1) is regretfully NO; Medicare does not pay for In-Home supportive care which includes the basic needs such as meals, shopping, laundry, transportation, personal hygiene, etc.

The answer to question (2) is individuals often need to privately pay for their In-Home care. But there are other options based on an individual’s income, assets, if they were a veterans, etc. Family Caregivers Network can assist with understanding these options.

How do you make the best eldercare decisions without compromising your family’s overall economic security? It’s a complicated question, but one well worth devoting some time and creative thinking to. Generally, eligibility criteria for elder services are based on a combination of the following factors: age, assets, disability, employment status, expenses, health insurance, health status, household size, income, veteran status.

To start planning you need to get a clear view of the current financial picture so you can understand what options you can afford. Take time to investigate whether you qualify for public or private benefits. Many individuals are surprised to learn what they qualify for. Call Family Caregivers to make find out what you qualify for.


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