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Are you a Family member caring for a loved one? “How are you doing?”

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Caregivers are often so concerned with caring for their relative’s needs that they lose sight of their own well-being.  Statistics show that the number one feeling a caregiver has is sadness or depression due the act of caregiving.   I often hear family members say “I’m not a caregiver because all I do is help with shopping, or laundry.”  But you are a caregiver.  The definition of a caregiver is “someone who attends to the needs of another individual.” 


Falls are not planned, they just happen.

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Take comfort in knowing we can call for help if you fall, even if you can’t

A simple fall can have devastating consequences for the elderly. We respond to the need for access to help in case of a fall with the Philips Lifeline with AutoAlert* option. AutoAlert offers all the benefits of our Standard Lifeline Medical Alert Service—push the medical alert button for help at any time—plus an added layer of protection. Lifeline with AutoAlert is the first pendant-style help button that can automatically place a call for help if it detects a fall and you’re unable to push the button yourself.

How to Finance Home Care for Seniors

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In-Home Care Services

Paying for In-home care services is one of the most challenging issues for older individuals because most elders and families must pay privately for the services. This is the tough reality for many working and middle-class families, yet home care services may be the only way to keep an elder home and out of facility care. Since home care can become a large expense, it is a key issue to consider in doing long-term care planning.

Family Caregivers offer many choices

It can be a difficult task trying to figure out how to develop a long term plan. There are many choices for individuals and Family Caregivers Network can assist you in understanding what those choices are.