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  • Long Term Care Planning with Geriatric Care Managers & Professional Patient Advocates
  • Our Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s disease programs provides Patient-Centered Care
  • Caregiver Support Groups help families cope
  • Trained Home Care Aides help the elderly with activities of daily living
  • The newest technology ensures you loved one’s safety
  • Our Nursing Staff develops an Individualized Care Plan to meet your loved one’s needs

In-Home Care for Seniors

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Thank you for visiting.  I hope you enjoyed the short spotlight video of our services.  We are located in Pennsburg, Montgomery County and offer In-Home care services to seniors. Our In-Home Care services help seniors maintain independence and live safely at home.   Our trained and supervised home care aides are all bonded and insured.   With the help of Family Caregivers In-Home Care we keep families together and decrease the stress of caring for an aging parent or love one. As you visit the pages on our website watch our education videos on our Educational Outreach page to learn about services and products that help with the care and safety of seniors at home.

November is Home Care Month and Alzheimer’s Awareness Month.  It is a time to celebrate, educate, and support the family members, patients, and professionals who are involved with caring for others.  Take a moment to reflect on the meaning of “caregiver.”  Don’t forget to give thanks to those who help seniors remain in their homes with the assistance of In-Home Care services.

Did you know the median age of the United States continues to grow and in most states the median age is over 40 years of age?   Pennsylvania has over 1.9 million senior citizens over the age of 65.  By 2025 the number of individuals over the age of 65 is expected to double.  There are many challenges of our aging population and senior care; chronic illness, split long distance families, decreasing finances, and the lack of healthcare financing for long term care/senior care. Our attitudes about and toward seniors and our actions to engage in the services for the aging population will help determine whether our senior citizens succeed and thrive in their lives or decline. As a Nation we can help shape the lives of our seniors in the communities they live.

How to Finance Home Care for Seniors

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In-Home Care Services

Paying for In-home care services is one of the most challenging issues for older individuals because most elders and families must pay privately for the services. This is the tough reality for many working and middle-class families, yet home care services may be the only way to keep an elder home and out of facility care. Since home care can become a large expense, it is a key issue to consider in doing long-term care planning.

Family Caregivers offer many choices

It can be a difficult task trying to figure out how to develop a long term plan. There are many choices for individuals and Family Caregivers Network can assist you in understanding what those choices are.

Keeping Families Together • Improving Quality of Life • Maintaining Independence